You’ve probably heard and even used the term "mindfulness" before, but would you say you're living a mindful life?

We get it. 

Anxiety, stress, loneliness, and feelings of separation are on the rise.

The planet is in a state of emergency and we're getting so many competing messages on what and what not to do every single day. 

Here's the reality.

We're not in control of what the world brings to us, but with mindfulness, we can CHOOSE how we respond to it.

This is Mindfulness for the Novice & Experienced Alike

Create more Ease, Connection, and Self-Regulation in your mind + body for only $44.

  • Are you ready to feel more in control of your life?

  • Are you ready to learn and practice the tools for a deeper connection?

Join us for an experiential understanding of mindfulness.

Short videos with potent lessons and real-life practice.

  • 1

    Who are We?

  • 2

    What is Mindfulness?

    • Cross Cultural History of Mindfulness

    • Mindfulness Explained

  • 3

    The Science of Mindfulness

    • The Science of Mindfulness Part 1

    • Mindful Movement

    • The Science of Mindfulness Part 2

  • 4

    Cultivating Self Awareness

    • What is Self Awareness?

    • Activating Self Awareness

    • Power of Awareness

    • Generating the Witness

    • Self Awareness Body Scan Meditation

  • 5

    Enhancing Your Awareness

    • Breath Awareness

    • Breath Awareness Mindful Practice

    • Conscious Breathing

    • Anchor Breath

  • 6

    Foundations of Compassion

    • Learning Compassion

    • The Art of Acceptance

    • Loving Kindness Meditation

    • Interconnectivity

    • Gratitude

  • 7

    Embodiment of Wisdom

    • The Pause: Respond vs. React

    • Purification of the Ego

    • Listening to Your Body

    • Impermanence: The Gateway to Joy

    • Embodied Wisdom Mindful Practice

  • 8

    Invitation to Be the Soulution

    • Invitation to Be the Soulution

    • End of Course Survey

This is a 2 hr On-Demand Course for $44

You’ll learn the three main keys to mindfulness and practical ways to implement them.

What Our Community Says...

More Compassionate for Myself

by Boys & Girls Club Youth Professional

“I tend to talk very negatively to myself sometimes and I let my anxiety control me. Learning this method was very beneficial and is truly going to help me be more compassionate towards myself.”

Easy to Understand

by a New Jersey High School Teacher

“This training was very informative and presented in a format that was easy to comprehend and relate to.”

I Can Hear Clearly Now

by High School Teacher

“ I learned how to listen from the heart”-

This Benefits My Physical Health

by Elementary Teacher

“It was amazing to learn about the powerful health benefits of gratitude; the mind-heart connection and the electromagnetic field that emanates from the heart; the gift that is listening from the heart.”

Learn More About the Instructors

Co-Creator of KYDS

Rodney Salomon

Rodney, BA, MA, is dedicated to helping the community find internal balance through holistic living. He has extensive experience in the fields of Youth Development, Meditation, Breath work, and Leadership Development. He has been working with youth and educators for over 15 years and is a certified yoga instructor and soul coach.

Co-Creator of KYDS

Mychal Mills

Mychal's, BS, MBA, purpose to awaken infinite potential within self and humanity. He is a Poet, Sound Healer, Yoga Instructor, and Thinking Partner Coach. A transformational leader, Mychal is skilled in community collaboration to create ripples of change in the world.

Konscious Worker, Program Development

Summer Deaver

Summer, BFA, E-YRT 500, E-RPYT is a creative community organizer, leader, and teacher who has over two decades of experience leading diverse groups of people in life-altering transformation through awareness practices. Summer has worked in the non-profit sector bringing yoga and mindfulness to marginalized communities, incarcerated youth, and public education.


Anna Major

Alicia Mendez

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